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500nm Range Electric Aircraft Design Unveiled.

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Denver Colorado April, 23,2021/ SCUDRUNNERS NEWS/ In a press release BYE Aerospace of Denver Colorado unveiled their latest electric aircraft design. The announcement shows an 8 passenger all electric twin engine aircraft capable of 500nm range. The design dubbed the “eFlyer 800” is said to be capable of reaching speeds up to 320 Knots and a service ceiling of 35,000 feet. Normal cruise speed listed as 280 knots with 500 nautical miles range and 45 minute IFR reserve.

“The eFlyer 800 is the first all-electric propulsion technology airplane that achieves twin-turboprop performance and safety with no CO2 and extremely low operating costs,” said George E. Bye, Bye Aerospace CEO. “This type of remarkable economy and performance is made possible by the electric propulsion system and advanced battery cell technology that results in significantly higher energy densities.”

Bye Aerospace and Safran are currently assessing the most efficient electric powertrain for the eFlyer 800 (dual ENGINeUS™ electric motors and GENeUSGRID™ electric distribution and network protection system). “Safran product lines with the ENGINeUS™ motors, rated from 50kW to 500kW/1MW and GENeUSGRID™ systems, perfectly fit with the Bye Aerospace portfolio of e-aircraft,” said Hervé Blanc, Executive Vice President and General Manager Power with Safran Electrical & Power. “Building upon our successful cooperation on eFlyer2 and eFlyer4, we are very proud to bring our best expertise to support Bye Aerospace in the design of the new eFlyer 800.”  

From the press release its hard to tell exactly how BYE Aerospace will achieve these numbers while hauling 7 passenger and a Pilot. Currently the only electric commercial aircraft is being tested with Harbour Air of Vancouver BC operating short 20 minute flights.

Italian aircraft manufacturer Tecnam announced in October their own design plans for an all electric design “P-Volt” which is targeted for 2026 first flight.

Both aircraft if they achieve their stated numbers will mark significant milestones for electric aircraft and be a game changer for short haul aviation. I remain skeptical of the numbers and capabilities touted by the manufacturers of these aircraft, however, I hope they are successful and would love to take one for a rip.