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737 Slides Off Runway In Istanbul

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A 737-800 operated by notorious Pegasus Airlines as Flight 2193 slid
off the runway at Turkey’s Istanbul-Sabiha Gökçen International Airport (SAW) on Wednesday February 5th. The aircraft crashed down an embankment sustaining significant damage. According to Turkish authorities, 52 of the 177 people onboard were taken to local hospitals for treatment. Reports now indicate there have been 3 fatalities.

The aircraft sustain substantial damage, the weather at the time of the accident shows Winds 290 at 22KT gusting to 37KT with RA and TS in the area, 4sm visibility. The aircraft was landing on Runway 06 giving an almost direct tailwind component of 14 knots or exactly 4 knots above the 737 maximum tailwind for landing. If we take into account half the gust factor this would bring that tailwind component to at least 18 knots right up the ass. 

If you speak the local dialect here is the audio from the crash
Skip ahead to 15:15


The airport does not have the EMAS system in place

This is Pegasus Airlines third runway excursion the last happening just just shy of a month ago on January 7th. Link to Article can’t wait till March……

Same guys in January 2018.

Pegasus Airlines Flight 8622 was a domestic flight from Ankara to TrabzonTurkey. On 13 January 2018, while landing on runway 11 at Trabzon Airport, the aircraft operating the flight ran off the left side of the runway and partially slid down a cliff. While there were no fatalities nor injuries of the 168 passengers and crew, the aircraft was damaged beyond repair and subsequently written off.

Stay safe out there folks.