Hello and thank you for dropping by Scudrunners.

This website was founded in 2015 as a Pilot & Aviation Forum by myself “Scudrunner”. No that is not my real name, it is just a fun aviation alias I started posting under many years before on another forum.

Since then the site has gone through many changes and today our Forum has thousands of users with thousands of topics and posts. This site is free to join and use and I encourage you to sign up and join our discussions.

Please share your own aviation stories in our “Scuds Tall Tales” section. I am quiet proud that a few articles written by members have been picked up and published by well known aviation magazines. Skies Magazine – Airbus versus Boeing A Pilots Perspective.

I learned to fly on a Fleet Canuck when I was 16. My first job behind the controls was in the Canadian Arctic flying a Cessna 207. Since then my career has taken me all over this great country.

I have been pretty lucky in my career and hope this site showcases my love of aviation and that you find it useful and entertaining.

Scudrunners.com has branched out into social media and we can be found posting regularly on Twitter,  Facebook and Instagram. Recently I have taken on a project to provide Free Pilot Exams and Flight Training Resources through our Pilot Exams Website. Aviation has given me so much and I hope this project can give back and help out the next generation of aviators.

Our News and Opinion section of the website highlights breaking aviation news and features opinion articles to keep you informed. If you have come here from one of our social media feeds you will know that we don’t take ourselves too seriously and like to have a lot of fun. With that in mind in August of 2020 we launched our Pilot Store to sell some funny aviation T-Shirt designs I had rattling around in my brain for a few years. Sign up for our Newsletter to receive discounts and to stay up to date with aviation News.

Stay tuned as we are adding features and new content every day, who knows where this journey will take us. I hope you enjoy this site and if you have any questions or need to contact me I can be reached by email: scudrunner@scudrunners.com