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Canada Finally Pulls its head out of Ass – Selects F-35

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March 28 2022 – Scudrunners Aviation News – Canadian military procurement is so politicized and screwed up that it’s hard to take announcements like todays seriously. However todays announcement by Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government that the RCAF will be acquiring 88 new fighter jets might actually come to fruition seeing as the Conservatives announced the procurement in 2010 before the Liberals cancelled it.

These days the second hand fighter jet market is booming (pun intended) otherwise Trudeau would have bought a few more used planes some other country was trying to scrap.

That being said delivery of the first aircraft for Canada may become available in 2025 if an agreement is reached. Canada has the option to enter into talks with Saab, whose Gripen fighter was runner up to the F-35 in the “competition”.

Don’t worry folks they will screw this up somehow, my money is on some woke BS about changing the Cockpits name if the Liberals are still in power when Lockheed try’s to drop them off.

Canada plans to buy 88 new fighter jets to replace its CF-18s. The government has budgeted about CA$19 billion (U.S. $15 billion) for the purchase. JT will just print a few Billion more he has no idea went where and hope inflation is kept below 10% annually or he can resign before another scandal.

Stay tuned Canada this is far from a done deal.