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Canadian Aviation Safety Barely Passes ICAO Audit

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Canadian airlines and the nation’s regulatory body are staunchly defending the integrity of aviation safety in response to the International Civil Aviation Authority’s (ICAO) assessment, which assigned Canada a C grade in its adherence to international safety standards. The confidential report, disclosed by the Canadian Press news agency, revealed a score of 64 out of 100 for Canada, a significant decline from its 2005 rating of 95 out of 100. The report suggests that Canada’s aircraft operations, airports, and air navigation are marginally meeting the required standards.

According to CH-Aviation, the audit emphasizes the need for Transport Canada to establish monitoring systems to track regulatory compliance among airlines and ensure adequate training and fatigue management for air traffic controllers. This evaluation prompted swift responses from both Transport Canada and the country’s two largest airlines.

Laura Scaffidi, spokeswoman for the Transport Ministry, reassured the public, stating, “ICAO has not identified any significant safety concerns with Canada’s civil aviation system, and we know our country’s air sector is among the safest in the world.”

Air Canada, in a statement, clarified that the ICAO document did not specifically audit the safe operation of Canadian aircraft. The airline highlighted its recent audit by the International Air Transportation Association, where it received exemplary findings.

Similarly, WestJet defended its safety standards, noting that the ICAO audit primarily focused on Transport Canada rather than Canadian operators. WestJet emphasized that the assessment does not accurately reflect its industry-leading safety standards. Both airlines are asserting their commitment to maintaining high safety standards and upholding the robustness of Canada’s civil aviation system.