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Canadian Pilots and Crew Jailed, 200KG of Cocaine

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Scudrunners Aviation News – Pivot Airlines a new charter airline based out of Toronto says its Air Crew has been jailed in the Dominican Republic following discovery of 200Kg of Cocaine. The crew discovered the stash of cocaine in a maintenance bay of their CRJ100 and immediately reported the find to the local authorities, the company then contacted the RCMP.

The reports say the 200 kg of cocaine was stashed in close proximity to electrical components in the maintenance bay. if the flight departed it potentially could have caused a disaster.

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Pivot Airlines says the crew members and pilots are being held in communal cells with other accused drug criminals and none of them speak the local language.

“We are deeply concerned for the safety, security and humane treatment of our crews. It is unacceptable that a Canadian aircrew could remain detained for the duration of a potential twelve month investigation for a suspected crime they reported” Pivot Airlines said in a press statement.

Pivot Airlines is the rebirth of Air Georgian who up until their bankruptcy operated regional flights for Air Canada.

The Dominican authorities reported that it discovered the cocaine in response to an “intelligence report that lead to them finding eight black gym bags packed with 200 bricks of cocaine”.

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