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Final Learjet off the production line

Final Learjet Rolls off Production Line

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March 29 2022 Scudrunners Aviation News – The final Learjet rolled off the assembly line in Wichita Kansas after 60 years of production. Last year Bombardier who couldn’t organize a piss up in a brewery announced plans to end Learjet production citing a “Challenging market Dynamic amid new entrants in the light jet category”.

The final Lear 75 which is just a slightly upgraded Lear 45 with bent winglets and new TV’s upfront to keep the pilots entertained will head to Northern Jet Management of Grand Rapids Michigan.

Despite the end of Learjet production, Bombardier vowed that service and parts support for the Learjet line will continue. “Bombardier is committed to making sure that these 2,000 aircraft presently in service will keep flying well into the future,” Paul Sislian VP of Operations declared in a small ramp ceremony.

Final Learjet off the production line

More than 3,000 Learjet aircraft have been delivered since the company, under the helm of founder Bill Lear, delivered the first Learjet 23 from Wichita in 1964. Bombardier expects to hold a larger ceremony led by CEO Eric Martel marking the legacy of the Learjet and the future of the Wichita site in mid-April.

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