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New X- Prize “Freedom Flight Prize”

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Carbon Footprint Ltd announced a competition similar to the X-Prize that promoted private space travel. The Freedom Flight Prize is a competition to cross the Atlantic Ocean from New York to London using 100% renewable energy. The Aircraft must be capable of holding 100+ passengers and needs to complete the journey in under 10 hours and return within 24 hours of starting out.

The rules also state that aircraft using “bio fuels” and “synthetic” aviation fuel are excluded from competition. The aircraft must meet the current safety standards in the US and UK and have complied with current approval processes for such a demonstration / test flight.

Good god imagine riding on Easyjet across the Atlantic.

Pilots and Aviation historians will be familiar with past similar prizes that have help spur innovations and technological advancements. The most well known was the Orteig Prize that offered a prize of $25,000 for the first non stop flight between New York and Paris, this of course was won by American Aviation legend Charles Lindbergh.

The Freedom Flight Prize amount is yet to be determined, however this is just the beginning as the organization is bringing together sponsorship. The Ansari X-Prize for private space travel was $10 Million.

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