You are currently viewing Video: Piper Arrow Crash Landing Saint Barthelemy.

Video: Piper Arrow Crash Landing Saint Barthelemy.

Scudrunners Aviation News– A Piper Arrow crashed on landing at the Saint Barthélemy Airport. The airport with its famous approach over a cliff has been the site of a number of crashes over the years and has a reputation as one of the most dangerous airports in the world.

The accident occurred on good Friday April 15 2022, the occupants reportedly escaped injury.

The aircraft appears to be a pre 1977 model either an Arrow or Arrow II with the “Hershey bar” wing. In the video can be seen slamming down hard on the runway at a high rate of decent. The left main gear collapses and the plane veers off into the grass striking a sign. From the video its tough to determine if the Flaps where selected down. The Arrow’s flaps can be selected as much as 40 degrees.

Video from Saint Barthelemy Airport

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