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$65K of Cognac Goes Missing on AA Flight from Paris

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Scudrunners Aviation News – A lawsuit has been filed against American Airlines by Bacardi USA over the disappearance of $65,000 dollars worth of French Cognac. The lawsuit alleges that Bacardi shipped 24 pallets containing 1,680 cases of liquor, however when the cargo was offloaded at LAX 6 pallets and 3 cases were missing.

Cargo being unloaded on an AA Aircraft

Each pallet contained 70 cases of Cognac, the missing Cognac would have a retail value of $65,820.72.

The lawsuit does not automatically mean that the liquor maker is directly accusing the airline. Instead, Bacardi is contending that American Airlines is accountable because the cargo was in the airline’s possession. “While in the possession, custody and control of American Airlines, six pallets and three cases were lost or stolen.”

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