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A320 Thrust Reversers Deploy During Go Around

Scudrunners Aviation News – Danish Authorities are investigating a serious incident involving a TAP Air Portugal A320. While on approach to Copenhagen International Airport the Flight Crew elected to go around on their approach to runway 30.

From the Danish Accident Investigation Board (AIB)

During the landing sequence, the flight crew decided to abort the landing, and the pilot flying initiated a go-around.
Upon applying Take-off/Go-around thrust (TOGA), the aircraft at low altitude started veering to the left and
did neither climb nor accelerate as expected by the flight crew, which temporarily made it difficult for the
flight crew to maintain control of the aircraft. The flight crew noticed an indication for engine no. 1 thrust reverser door(s) to be unlocked. Engine no. 1
was at idle thrust. The flight crew regained control of the aircraft and established a single engine climb toward a safe altitude.
During the climb, the flight crew declared an emergency (“Mayday”) and performed relevant checklists.
Air Traffic Control issued radar vectors for a priority landing on runway 22L.

An external inspection of runway 30, the grass areas surrounding runway 30, and the aircraft revealed:

  • No imprints of aircraft ground contact.
  • No external damages to the aircraft (including aircraft fuselage, wings, tail and engine nacelles).
  • Three out of four thrust reverser doors on engine no. 1 were in the fully deployed position.
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