RusLine CRJ suffers nose-gear collapse at Tomsk

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Russian investigators are probing a landing accident which damaged a Bombardier CRJ upon arrival at Tomsk on 3 February.

The RusLine regional twinjet had been operating flight 7R823 from Ekaterinburg and landed in a crosswind of 4kt, according to meteorological data from Tomsk airport.

Its nose-gear collapsed as it decelerated to a speed of around 80kt and came to a halt on the runway.

Federal air transport regulator Rosaviatsia says none of the 32 passengers and three crew members was injured.

It identifies the airframe involved as VQ-BNB which was originally delivered new to US regional carrier Comair in 2000. RusLine acquired the jet in 2011.

Weather data shows dry snow for runway 21 for the time of the landing, around 05:46. The runway was opened again at 12:00.

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