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Trudeau offers Zelenskyy Flyby from RCAF Snowbirds

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RCAF Snowbirds in Tight Formation

Ottawa, March 16 2022 (Scudrunners News) – On Tuesday March 15 Ukrainian President Zelenskyy addressed the Canadian Parliament thanking the Canadian people for their continued support and asked for more aid and military equipment. Against overwhelming odds the Ukrainian people and their military have demonstrated resilience against overwhelming odds fighting Russian invaders.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau early this morning made an announcement that he “heard Zelenskyy’s call for action”, and have offered the Ukrainian people a weeks long Airshow by the RCAF Snowbirds Aerobatic Team. While pausing from his daily Yoga workout Trudeau said “um I feel sad when war happens, it’s kind of like uh when the waves of Tofino aren’t breaking my way or like the powder is super crusty at Whistler it’s very depressing. But I know that I, like most Canadians when we see the Snowbirds it really centres my chi and lifts my spirits”

Trudeau poses for a selfie at a recent Press Confrence

Deputy Prime Minister Crystia Freeland jumped in to add that “Canada will purchase carbon offset vouchers for the Co2 that the 9 aircraft will produce during the airshow “

Zelenskyy was not available for comment at the time of publication.

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