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Ukraine Request Two Squadrons of F16 Fighter Jets

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January 17, 2023 Scudrunners Aviation News: Germany has agreed supply and allow other countries sell Ukraine Leopard 2 main battle tanks in a move that some think might be a sign western military are willingness to equip Ukraine with a host of other modern weapons. Ukrainians negotiations are now focusing on the supply of Western fighter aircraft.

The Aviationist reports “In fact, on Jan. 24, Colonel Yuriy Ignat, the speaker of the Ukrainian Air Force, said that a cooperation in this area is being actively discussed.”

“Our military pilots traveled to the United States, funds were allocated for the training of our pilots. That is, the aviation topic has never left the agenda”, said Col. Ignat in a statement to Ukrainian television.

Ukraine has been requesting modern fighters and specifically mentioned the F-16. More than 4600 F16 have been produced since its first flight in 1973 and the latest variants are still being manufactured. Although their has been no official word from Washington who would have to approve the sale, its clear that Western Allies and NATO are willing to equip the besieged nation with an ever expanding suite of weapons.