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James Cameron to Search for Aviation Treasure

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Famed Canadian Film director James Cameron is well known for his blockbuster films such as Titanic and Avatar but his other passion is exploring the planets oceans. His most recent ocean exploration witnessed him diving to almost 11km below the surface of the ocean becoming the first human to reach the lowest point on earth in the Mariana Trench.

James Cameron returns from the Mariana Trench.

Today he announced a bold exploration that some have called dangerous and foolish. Cameron has set his sights on finding a long lost Aviation treasure. Some speculated he would be searching for the Amelia Earhart’s lost airplane in the pacific but it was revealed today he would be searching for Lt. Nick Bradshaws dog tags.

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Lt. Bradshaw (left) and Lt. Mitchell (right)

In 1986 US Navy Aviator Nick Bradshaw a Radar Intercept Office (RIO) was tragically killed when forced to eject from his F14 Tomcat.

Lieutenant Bradshaw’s F-14 became uncontrollable when the pilot (Lt Pete Mitchell) flew through another F-14’s jet wash while on training maneuvers. The F-14 entered a flat spin that was unrecoverable forcing the crew to eject. The ejection seat malfunctioned and slammed Lt. Bradshaw into the canopy breaking his neck.

Months after the tragic incident Lt. Bradshaw’s Pilot Lt. Pete Mitchell tossed Bradshaw’s dog tags into the Indian Ocean.

“We can’t lose such a valuable piece of aviation history” James Cameron said in an interview with a small worthless internet site. “I’m going to find his Dog tags and bring them to his orphaned son.” asked noted Aviation Consultant K.P. Smith how much how much a Lieutenant Junior Grade dog tags might be worth if found.

“Dog tags are worth about $3.99 without the rubber edges, but these could easily fetch tens of dollars at auction, but who knows you might get a bidding war.”  

Cameron hopes to set sail on his expedition next spring and a reporter (pictured below) will be aboard.

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