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Westjet Pilot almost pays for Coffee

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Calgary, Two years ago Westjet and McDonalds teamed up to provide Westjet passengers with McDonalds branded Coffee. The familiar cup of joe known the world over for being adequate to the average coffee drinker was complementary to Westjets brand as an adequate airline.

“it just makes sense, put a product known for scalding crotches into the laps of passengers on an airplane” K.P. Smith of Smith Aviation Consulting explains.

Westjet pilots are known to be very resourceful and like all pilots cheap bastards. Soon after McDonalds coffee started appearing on the flight deck,  pilots noticed little stickers and pull cards on the sides of their coffee cups. Those little stickers can be collected and redeemed for free coffee.

“Pilots like stickers”. K.P. Smith adds.

With Covid 19 wreaking havoc on pilots schedules and elimination of inflight coffee service, pilots have not been able to collect stickers to redeem for their free coffee.  

“its brutal” says Westjet Pilot Michael Lennox who is a senior captain on the Boeing  737. “Since my schedule has been reduced I haven’t been able to collect my stamps.”

Pictured: Typical WestJet pilot hoard of McDonalds coffee stickers.

Yesterday Captain Lennox was on his way to work and headed to the drive through at his local McDonalds.  Suddenly he realized his hoard of free McDonalds coffee cards had been depleted.  “I panicked, I was about to back out, but a car had already pulled in behind me, then my training took over.”  Captain Lennox hit the gas and sped away. “I knew the FBO on the west side of the airport always has a pot of free coffee in the rampy lounge, so I stopped there, no one questions a Pilot in uniform.”

Captain Lennox’s quick thinking saved him $1.49 that day, he like all pilots look forward to better times ahead for the industry.

“I don’t want to file a grievance with the Union, but if that’s the route I have to take, so be it” Captain Lennox adds.

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